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On September 23rd, We Make Minnesota boldly announced its presence with this tweet.

“Today, Minnesotans across race, religion and region are gathering, safely, to show public love and care by being voters. #WeMakeMN and we will elect leadership who honors our multiracial democracy and #WhoCaresForUs.”

That day, a coalition of Minnesotans from all walks of life marched on the St. Paul capital. Their message was simple. “Every Minnesotan—regardless of race, creed, or zip code—deserves security and dignity.”

And their plan to get it done? Even simpler. Vote.

In the few weeks since their march, the movement has come to life through social media through a user-generated content campaign. In hundreds of tweets, tagged with #WeMakeMN and #BeAVoter, Minnesotans are speaking up on why they’re heading to the polls this year.

Some are speaking out for immigration reform. Others are voting for affordable housing and fair wages. But everyone is pledging to vote down ballot to ensure that their values are heard not only in the presidential election, but all the way through their state, including in the MN senate.

The advocacy is genuinely warm and welcoming, like this tweet from Sarah:

“I personally am choosing to vote because I believe every single human being has a right to fair and affordable housing, and I’m ready to swear in leaders who are going to lead on the issues our community cares about.

And the movement clearly has legs, because Liz even went to the trouble to create a Twitter account just to join in speaking out.

“Some politicians are trying to divide us and distract us. We can have a state that supports all kinds of families, and our ability to care for one another.”

Too many people, like Richard, have suffered the loss of a friend or loved one this year. He’s making the ask with a personal story.

“I’m a voter because I don’t want another Latino immigrant friend to die of Covid-19 trying to get out the door of his apartment to go to an ER. He waited too long… because he was afraid.”

And check out this sick video montage from Sofi!

“I vote for my three kids and all kids. I vote for seniors like my parents. I vote based on my beliefs. I vote because things need to change.”

With politicians fear-mongering and sowing division, We Make MN seeks to rally voters around compassion and care. Apparently the state’s residents agree.

This is a simple and extremely effective GOTV effort because it’s voters talking directly to their friends, families and networks about the issues that matter most to them. A healthcare voter probably has friends who are also healthcare voters. A union voter probably has lots of people in his or her network who are also union voters. When people talk about the issues that are important to them — directly to their networks — they are doing work that the most effective organization can’t. They are telling their own friends and family why voting is important.

Anytime you can get your community involved in telling your organizational story, you are winning! Great job We Make MN. Keep the great campaigns coming!

Check out their feed to get involved. No matter where you live, their advice applies to us all: we’re better off together.