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Empower App: A Free Tool to Build Power Through Relationships

Approved 501(c)(3)s and (c)(4)s can enjoy free access to a suite of organizing tools, including both the organizer and activist smartphone apps. Empower is affordable for candidates. Available in English and Spanish, web and mobile.

How it Works

We prioritize effective organizing, targeting underrepresented communities to broaden voter participation. Empower leverages the power of personal relationships, using trusted messengers to reach people who are often left out of traditional outreach tactics.

Our goal is to help you organize year-round, by purposefully growing your organizing base even after elections are over. After numerous cycles in the field, we know what works and have the results to prove it.


Build & Manage Relationships

Empower gives you tools to build, manage, and maintain a network of relationships that you can use to create change and build long term power.

All-in-One App for Volunteers

Empower can be your volunteer action hub to stay connected with volunteers. Ask volunteers to reach out to friends and family or to take action on their own. Send updates quickly with mass texting. Expand your program with canvassing.

Track Conversations More Meaningfully

We provide seamless VAN sync, while recognizing relational organizing is more than matching to an existing database, it’s about engaging new communities without leaving people behind.

Screenshot of our App

Expand the Electorate

Currently, 40% of BIPOC voters are considered unreachable through the standard voter file. Our strength lies in establishing new connections through relational organizing and engaging new voters to increase civic engagement. Making a true impact means growing your base and moving beyond reliance on a “high VAN Match rate” as the sole indicator of success.

Maximize Your Impact

We build best practices from research into the tool itself, so you can have more impact with less effort. Empower’s dashboards give you even more data to track your progress, give personalized coaching, and maximize your impact.

All-in-one app for volunteers
Engage volunteers with calls to action (e.g. relational, recruiting, events, fundraising, etc.)
Friends and family messaging
Open Canvassing
Phone bank
Text bank
Payments for Paid Relational
Door to Door Canvassing
Automatic Turf Cutting
Volunteers can request turf nearby
Mass texting to stay in touch with volunteers
Gamification to celebrate volunteers’ progress
3 levels of access permissions (director, organizer, volunteer)
Real time dashboard to track your campaign
Relational network management
VAN, LAN, EveryAction connection
Organizer app for coaching and follow ups
Import or export your data
In-app branding for your organization
Spanish accessibility for app and trainings
iOS, Android and web support
Support for calling, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Signal
Pen and paper option for low-tech volunteers
Best practices from research built into the app
Extensive trainings and support
FREE for 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) organizations, affordable to candidates and parties
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What Our Users Say

“Especially during this time of a global pandemic, most people prefer to remain in their homes and limit physical contact. Empower is a great tool for creating a digital work space that mirrors a physical organizing office.”


-Wesley, One PA

“Data insights using this tool this cycle were extremely insightful into how our work ripples out.” 


-Sariah, Michigan Student Power

“With the Empower program, it was great to have everything in one place and keep track of our work in a way that nearly everyone could get involved with.”


-Erica, DC 37

Impact By Numbers

86%+ Contact Rates

The Empower App and our Relational Organizing program delivers incredibly high contact rates of 86 percent or more.

50%+ Diversity Focused

More than half of the organizations we support are youth and people of color focused.

93,400+ People Trained

We have trained over 93,400 (and counting) organizers, directors, and volunteers.

Discover how Empower can work for you.

We also offer support through:

1:1 Personalized Coaching

Our Partner Success Team will work directly with you and your organization to understand your unique needs and provide direct support and solutions as you navigate all aspects of your relational organizing program. Our team is committed to your success and is there to assist you every step of the way from getting started and creating your organizing strategy to thought partnership and overcoming obstacles along the way.

Customized Training Programs

Do you need a training program that is specific to your issue area, constituency, or team? We’ll consult with you to design, create, and deliver custom training for leaders at any level, from the volunteer to the organizing director or experienced practitioner, to build a sense of community as they learn and strengthen relational organizing techniques in a more tailored space.

Relational Organizing Learning Hub

We’re in this for the greater good–that’s why sharing what we learn and what works, whether it’s through supporting our partners or executing large-scale programs ourselves, is a cornerstone of our mission. We regularly host practitioner webinars to share the outcomes of our programs, results from research we’ve conducted, and the best practices we’ve learned along the way.

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*Free for certified 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4). Low cost for candidates.