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At Empower Project, we organize to improve people’s lives using the power of relational organizing. Together with our partners, we’ve helped boost voter turnout, especially for BIPOC communities, through our approach of tapping into personal networks of friends and family. We provide the software and expertise to help communities, progressive organizations, and nonprofits leverage their personal relationships to build power and dramatically expand the electorate.

We’re organizers, strategists, trainers, and engineers all grounded in community and collective action for a better future.

Our Impact

We have supported over 1,500 organizations across all 50 states and trained over 93,400 organizers, directors, and volunteers in the past ten years.

The Power of Relational Organizing

Relational Organizing is a transformative approach that brings us back to the roots of organizing by training volunteers to engage with their loved ones and share personal stories about the issues that matter most to them. Through countless cycles in the field and over ten years of experience, we have honed our strategy to become nationwide leaders on relational organizing. We know what works and we have the results to prove it.

Our Impact By the Numbers

86%+ Contact Rates 

The Empower App and our Relational Organizing program delivers a whopping incredibly high contact rates of 86 percent or more.

50%+ Diversity Focused

More than half of the organizations we support are youth and people of color focused.

93,400+ People Trained

We have trained over 93,400 (and counting) organizers, directors, and volunteers.

Ready to take your organizing efforts to the next level and reach more people, more meaningfully, than ever before?

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We provide the Empower App to help you grow your relational program, free of charge to nonprofits and at an affordable price to parties and candidates. We make it easy to get started.