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Free Training, Tech, and Funding for your next relational organizing campaign.

Empower Project’s software and expertise helps communities, progressive organizations, and non-profits leverage their personal relationships to build power and dramatically expand the electorate.  


Relational Organizing Works!

Relational Organizing centers on training volunteers to reach out to friends and family and share personal stories about the issues that matter most to them. After numerous cycles in the field, we know what works and have the results to prove it.


Empower Project network was the largest Relational Organizing training and tech coalition in 2020.

10x Impact

10x more impactful than traditional doors and phone programs


Unlike door-knocking and phone programs that see contact rates around 5%, the Empower App and our Relational Organizing program enjoys contact rates of 86% or more.


More than 50% of the organizations we supported were youth and people of color focused.


77,000 people trained in 2020

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The Empower Project Model

Empower Project creates progressive change by addressing the bottlenecks that have historically limited Relational Organizing access and scaling.

Empowering BIPOC

CASA In Action Moves The Needle With Relational Organizing

CASA in Action consists of 100,000 members mobilizing millions of voters to elect progressive leaders supporting immigrants and communities of color.

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“Our partnership with Empower Project enabled us to create real and meaningful connections with communities of color across Milwaukee by using their tools and strategies around Relational Organizing, and we believe that their ability to tap into previously-unreachable portions of our state’s population means that we can create a stronger, safer Wisconsin for all.”

– Angela, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities

Empowering Rural Communities

Down Home NC Uses Relational Organizing To Reach Into Rural Communities

Down Home North Carolina unites to build the power and raise the voices of working people in small-town and rural North Carolina in order to take action on the issues that matter.

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Discover how the free Empower App can work for you

We have supported over 1,000 organizations across 44 states, and counting.

Discover how the free Empower App can work for you

We also provide an app, Empower, to help organizations grow their relational programs.

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