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Empower is a nonprofit that works to dramatically increase civic engagement by helping groups organize their communities with friend-to-friend outreach. That’s called “relational organizing.” Our diverse staff has decades of experience in community organizing and utilizing technology to advance social causes. 

We are currently hiring for the following positions:


Community Organizers (COs) will screen, select, train and manage a large group of paid Community Mobilizers (CMs) for a statewide Friends & Family campaign program, where people will spread the word about the upcoming election in their own community.

COs will help paid participants complete three cycles of outreach ahead of election day in order to register and turnout voters. COs report to one of five Regional Organizing Directors (RRDs).

Hired applicants will have strong time management skills because they will have to balance their time between screening, selecting, training and managing a large group of the program participants. They will also conduct large-scale trainings and hold their direct reports accountable for accurate and timely reporting. Finally, COs will also be expected to create a positive and safe work environment, be flexible as the campaign changes, and be creative in achieving the biggest possible scale of outreach.

This is a full-time position starting immediately and ending November 15th. COs will be compensated between $5,000 and $5,500 based on experience. 

New Ground Strategies is partnering with Empower Project to run statewide paid relational organizing programs aiming to recruit and hire paid mobilzers in local communities to expand the electorate and bring more people into the electoral arena.  

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