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Free support that fits your needs at any scale.

We support organizations to empower leaders in their communities through relational-forward organizing, providing free training and coaching as well as access to technology and funding. No two organizations or communities are the same, which is why we offer a full curriculum of trainings designed to meet people where they are; from our simple and quick start basics training, to our 8 session in-depth monthly Relational Organizing Cohort Program, to custom content for your specific needs.

One-on-one Coaching

A designated coaching specialist from our team will build a relationship with you and your organization to meet your unique needs and provide direct support as you navigate all aspects of your organizing program.  Through regular one-on-one coaching sessions and guidance on best practices, from getting started and writing your organizing plan to thought partnership and navigating hurdles along the way, your coaching specialist is invested in your success and here to help.

As someone with Relational Organizing experience, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get out of the trainings. Instead, (Empower Project) asked us to check in on how this can apply to our organization, our beliefs and values, and how to use an organizing model that fits our needs. Having us go step-by-step and take inventory like that was a great approach.

– Jesse, Court Watch NOLA

Relational Organizing Cohort Program

While most of our trainings are short primers to get organizations up and running quickly, we saw an interest for more options to include a longer, more in depth training program as well.

In April, we launched our 2021 Relational Organizing Cohort Program in response to partner organizations’ needs to deepen foundational organizing skills and collaborate with others doing similar work across the country. 

Monthly cohort participants come away with new relationships, a strong foundation of skills needed to build or strengthen a relational-forward organizing program, access to a robust learning community, and ongoing 1-1 support from one of our coaching specialists.


Monthly Cohort Registration  

Our Curriculum

The Relational Organizing Cohort program is broken up into 8 two-hour sessions in one month, currently conducted 100% remotely. The curriculum starts with the fundamentals, teaching organizers to empower leaders and build a base that can leverage power for tangible victories through electoral outcomes and beyond.

Session 1

Building your foundation: Power, Motives, and Vision

Session 2

Building your foundation: Storytelling

Session 3

Building your foundation: 1-1s & Active Listening

Session 4

Building your plan: Issues & Goals

Session 5

Executing your plan: Building Your Team

Session 6

Executing your plan: Working with Other Organizations

Session 7

Executing your plan: Managing & Training Volunteers

Session 8

Pulling It All Together

Customized programs

Do you need a training program that is specific to your issue area, constituency, or team? We’ll consult with you to design, create, and deliver custom trainings for leaders at any level, from the volunteer to the organizing director or experienced practitioner, to build a sense of community as they learn and strengthen relational organizing techniques in a more tailored space.

Monthly practitioner webinars on research and best practices

As a reflection of our work and the groundbreaking research around Relational Organizing, we regularly invite experts to speak on the science of persuasion and trusted messengers, as well as success stories from around the country and how you can apply them to your work.

We also offer support through:


We offer trainings to organizations for plan setting based on best practices, helping them navigate new tech and data needs.

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The Empower App is free for qualifying 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations and affordable for candidates.

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We offer a grant program connecting funders and organizations to invest in human capacity and close political tech equity gaps.

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What we’re up to

 This summer has proven to be as crucial as any election cycle, with partner organizations rallying to stop voter suppression and protect loved ones from a resurgence in COVID-19 with the Delta variant. Organizing Empowerment has been proudly working alongside these groups in their work, as well as taking on new opportunities such as presenting at summer conferences and tackling disinformation with our new Empowered Public project.

CASA in Action: Getting loved ones vaccinated through ‘Health Promoters’ 

This summer, our friends at CASA have been hard at work rolling out vaccines to their communities. Working primarily in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, they have mobilized thousands of Latino community members into signing up at nearby locations and getting vaccinated.

CASA was recently featured in an NPR story about their vaccine-mobilization efforts in Maryland, which has most importantly saved lives, along with increasing their base of support through their relational organizing strategy.

Fandom Forward: Tapping into Fandom for Social Change

This month, we were invited to train at the 2021 Granger Leadership Academy Conference, hosted and organized by Fandom Forward.

Fandom Foward serves as the bridge between “fandom communities” (think Star Trek, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc) and progressive activism, mobilizing members into advocating for issues such as immigrant justice, police accountability, trans-inclusive gender justice, and more.

With newly-trained attendees using the Empower App, we are excited to continue working with Fandom Forward and their innovative strategies for movement-building in all contexts of life. Be sure to follow them on social media and see what they do next.

Empowered Public: Crowding out Disinformation

ICYMI: Organizing Empowerment is proud to be partnering with Public Democracy for a project called Empowered Public. Our combined expertise will overcome misinformation not by just “mythbusting,” but instead outcompeting it with authentic, trusted messengers from our partner organizations that empower their audiences with the truth.

Interested in having your organization involved in our Empowered Public program? Let’s set up a time to chat!

Funder Support Keeps our Trainings Free for All

We believe relational organizing should be accessible to everyone. Want to help keep our trainings, coaching, and tech open to all?