Poder NC provides civic and leadership development with Latinxs around their shared values, while also educating the public about Latinx issues and independently supporting candidates who share in their collective values. They are pro-Black, pro-Latinx, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-Choice.

This past year, Poder NC used Relational Organizing to ramp up their volunteer base in order to do voter outreach throughout the 2020 election cycle.

They used Relational to spread the word about their organization and its goals as well as to recruit volunteers to help them do the hard work of talking to potential voters about the issues that mattered to them.

By starting early, Poder NC was able to blow past their initial goals and recruit scores of volunteers who then worked with them throughout the year.

Collectively, they made over a million phone calls to North Carolinians about the issues. 

One. Million. Phone. Calls!

And that’s not to even mention the hundreds of thousands of text messages they sent or the thousands of doors they knocked in the process.

While it’s hard to know exactly who registered and when, based on the data they were able to collect, they believe they helped 7500 new voters register to get involved in this election.

And it all started with Relational. A small group of people pulled out their phones, scrolled through the contacts and started making phone calls, sending text messages and firing off direct messages through Facebook, WhatsApp and wherever else they connected with their people.

Those first few phone calls led to new volunteers, who quickly became passionate about the goals and the mission of Poder. They reached out to their contacts and so on and so on. The Relational Organizing was well underway!

Poder means “power” in Spanish. Poder NC harnessed the power of Relational and doing so allowed them to make a huge impact on their community, advancing their movement and their issues in the process.

Congratulations to our partners at Poder NC for their hard work, dedication and their great success this past cycle. You make us all proud!

Learn more about them and the important work they do at podernc.org.