The right-wing culture war is multi-dimensional: there’s no one way to message against strawman tactics and arguments, particularly when reaching out to voters that come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s equally important to understand that rural voters are widely diverse, and the concept that they are primarily “farm-to-Fox” voters is largely a myth.

So how do progressive movements make inroads and gain support in such a crucial demographic?

On September 10th, our friend John Ray with YouGov Blue shared with us some best practices on how to create strong messaging that resonates with rural voters. John is their Director of Polling, with over a decade of experience in coding, fielding, delivering and analyzing panel survey data. His research shows how progressive policies are often indeed popular among wide swaths of the rural electorate, and how we can best convey these policies while avoiding the pitfalls of conservative messaging and backlash.

Check out the recording of the full presentation, and don’t forget to shoot us an email at for the password.