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Faith in Public Life (FPL) is a growing network of more than 50,000 clergy and faith leaders united in the pursuit of justice and the common good. They work closely with their leaders to take strategic moral action that shapes policy both locally and nationally.

FPL believes that faith leaders have the unique moral power to influence public debates and build more just, equitable communities. 

Faith leaders’ voices can play an outsized role in national conversations, which is where Faith In Public Life plays an essential role. Over the last ten years, they have worked to train, mobilize, and empower faith leaders across the country. Their coalition is changing the narrative about the role of faith in politics, winning major progressive policy victories, and nurturing new religious leaders to fight for social justice and the common good.

Houses of worship and faith communities provide the critical social infrastructure needed to do effective Relational Organizing. Furthermore, the faith leaders and clergy with whom FPL works are already trusted leaders and respected messengers within their communities. 


FPL’s role is to partner with these faithful leaders to provide them with the resources, training, support, and faith-based messaging they need to claim the power of their communities and take strategic moral action in their fight against injustice. As FPL works to advance racial equity, they see direct financial support for Black clergy and faith leaders as a significant priority.

By partnering with faith leaders and faith communities during the 2020 presidential election cycle, FPL was able to provide voter information and education, help low-propensity voters to make pledges to vote, help voters learn how to obtain their absentee ballots, and register voters – including those with past felonies who were often not aware they were able to vote.

FPL is now turning its focus to the runoff elections for the two senate seats in Georgia.

You can learn more about FPL and their work at faithinpubliclife.org.