During the 2018 midterm election cycle, Sister District Action Network (SDAN) and Dr. Katherine Haenschen, funded by a grant from the Analyst Institute, partnered to conduct a further exploration of relational organizing for elections using Facebook tagging and social pressure. This work was based on previous work by Dr. Haenschen that expanded the classic Gerber, Green, and Larimer (2008, 2010) direct mail social pressure work to social media tagging, and sought to determine if tagging members of one’s social network in Facebook statuses that either invoke a sense of civic duty or positive social pressure was an effective way to mobilize voters to the polls. It further sought to answer if the strength of social ties (i.e., level of interpersonal closeness) between the Facebook tagger and the tagged voter made Facebook tagging more or less effective at mobilizing voters.

Author: Sister District Action Network, August 2019