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ROC’s Challenge: Building capacity to scale on a multi-state campaign 

ROC Action is a national organization of over 100,000 workers, employers and consumers working together to organize higher wages and better working conditions throughout the restaurant industry.

Their organizing model is simple: coworkers talking to coworkers. Together they have mobilized millions of members of the New American Majority, ie women, youth and people of color. Through person-to-person interaction, they’ve created massive collective power that they can use to create long-term change.

ROC’s Solution: Implement a Relational Organizing program using Empower

We are proud to have partnered with ROC in 2018 to help them implement a Relational Organizing program to take their organization to the next level by creating a scalable innovative relational voter contact program.

They recruited 2912 “champions” in Michigan to implement their One Fair Wage campaign. They then mapped their networks, each listing an average of 5 contacts they would engage. This gave them a starting universe of over 14k people. 

The Analyst Institute monitored their work throughout the campaign and we are so proud to announce that it has been declared to have had “a significantly larger scale [impact] than any relational voter turnout program studied with a randomized controlled trial prior to the 2018 cycle.”

AI determined conclusively that utilizing Relational Organizing had a “potent effect on turnout.”

They also determined that their program was more effective among voters who live with a volunteer. Which is particularly important as it relates to younger voters, who tend to have roommates and be less represented in the voterfile. This helped the Analyst Institute to conclude that Relational Organizing seems to have had a particularly large effect on 18-34 year olds, a population that is often under-represented at the polls.

ROC’s Outcome: Get featured on the cover of Time Magazine

“Overall, the results highlight that relational voter contact can be an effective voter engagement tactic, generating effects that outpace that of other contact modes.”

To say ROC Action’s Relational Organizing program was successful in advancing their community’s goals would be an understatement. And don’t just take our word for it. They ran such an impressive and inspiring campaign for workers rights, they were featured on the cover of Time Magazine

So if you’re trying to engage a community, especially one comprised of the New American Majority, you really should consider implementing a Relational Organizing program of your own.

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