Rodolfo Parra Jr.

Special Projects Manager

I grew up on the Border of US and Mexico, started out late in my professional life as an intern for Congressman O’Rourke where I learned how to handle casework after spending a decade working in Hospitality. I started at 15 years old as a dishwasher for a local bakery and worked my way through every position in front and back of the house and ended as Assistant Bar Manager at a World Class Golf Resort. I quickly realized that serving people was no different than serving constituents. From there, I spent the past 6 years Organizing for Campaigns and Non Profits. Working everything from Precinct to Presidential campaigns. I worked my way up from a canvasser to a consultant. As well as organizing for Non profits working in Education and Food Reclamation. During my time organizing, I realized there was a huge gap between those in organizing and those that understood modern technologies that could simplify a organizers work, so I decided to transition to Tech in order to learn skills I could share with my community.