Rhonda Willette

Advisory Council

Born into a family of activists, Rhonda is a third generation organizer, with over twenty-five years focused on the challenges & issues that impact the lives of women with children. Her primary focus has been working to build grassroots leaders to address and move local policies to strengthen and support neighborhood communities. Rhonda has been boots on the ground educating proactively through the myriad of campaigns for change by voter and civic engagement. She consistently gives voice and raises awareness about the disparities that low-wage working populations face. In her passion and commitment to social justice, her aim is to address the many venues of systematic oppression. Rhonda has managed to engage and empower people into action with the barriers of no personal security (homelessness) and beyond bars of correctional institutions (prisoners). In each opportunity, the goal for her has always been to transfer contacts into a leaders/activists for the individual, and families to strengthen communities. Rhonda has been with 9to5 National Association of Working women since 2008, active in advocacy and policy work for economic justice for women. Wacky skill: Recycled Landscaping…ask and she will gladly share. Loves: The beauty of trees, and being outside enjoying all aspects of nature (bugs included). How do you unwind: Chilling with her companion dogs Monty & Fe-Fe outdoors in all four seasons, sipping natural teas, while listening to the natural sounds of nature on her walks.