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Matt Dearing

Online-to-Offline specialist

Matt was raised by the daughter of a UMWA Miner and the son of an NAACP President and as a result has always had a passion for both direct political and outside advocacy work He cut his teeth in organizing in the wake of the 2011 Wisconsin Teachers’ Strikes working on the effort to recall Scott Walker and participated in an ACLU lawsuit in an effort to stop the state’s subsequent voter suppression efforts. He returned to his home in Western New York where he began working on local political campaigns before managing a 2018 Congressional Campaign. He comes to the Empower Project after a stint working in the New York State Assembly. When he’s not working you can likely find Matt at a campground in Western New York listening to a NASCAR race on the radio. If you can’t find him there he’s probably at home turning laps in his homemade racing simulator, or in the kitchen experimenting with ways to make his favorite foods in healthier but equally tasty ways.