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Oakland Forward is a grassroots organization whose mission is to build power by removing economic, racial, and social barriers to opportunities. By expanding, strengthening, and empowering communities to make long-term change, they seek to improve the quality of life for those most affected with a focus on people of color in Oakland County.

2020 was a hard year. No getting around that. But Oakland Forward didn’t let the pandemic stop their important work.

They launched a Relational Organizing program and used to contact their networks, who in turn helped distribute thousands of masks and face shields throughout their community. 

They also used RO to drive turnout for socially-distanced events to organize and keep the work going. One of their events including coming together to help feed over 350 seniors who were unable to leave their homes due to the pandemic.

Along with distributing PPE and holding socially-distanced events, they also helped voter registration drives throughout Oakland.

They made a real impact on their community this past cycle and we’re proud to call them a partner. Learn more about them and their work at mioaklandforward.org.