New Hampshire Youth Movement is a movement of young people working together to create a livable future with good jobs, healthcare and education for all.

They have created a network of young people across NH working collectively to further a united political platform — one that represents their progressive values. Through strategic action they, as young people, students, and community members, are reclaiming the political system so it works for all.

This past cycle, they used Relational Organizing to mobilize their community and to keep their field program strong, even in the face of the pandemic.

Over their 14 week program leading into Election Day, they recruited 100 leaders who had over 2,000 conversations through 20 different calls to action. Even though traditional field programs were difficult, they were able to use RO to have meaningful conversations about the importance of protesting in addition to voting, the process of voting absentee, and the power young voters hold with thousands of young people across the state.

While they used Relational Organizing in many capacities through the cycle, here are 3 times where RO really helped them move the needle:

1) Growing their base and program in key geographic areas. At Dartmouth, their hub was able to use RO to map out all their contacts on campus. This was critical to expanding their presence on campus.

2) The use of RO helped them scale their high school program. They launched their highschool program last summer and since then it has brought in over 60 volunteers to their organizing, spanning 5 different high schools. Relational outreach was key to solidifying and expanding that program.

3) The use of Relational outreach and organizing also provided them an accessible entry point to their movement for new volunteers. Their base was excited to get involved in RO, which is just “more enjoyable” than traditional voter contact methods. Many of their volunteers and staff shared stories about reconnecting with old friends during this extremely isolated time because of outreach they did as part of their Relational Organizing program. (To state the obvious – this is kinda what it’s all about!)

We’re so proud of our partners at New Hampshire Youth Movement and can’t wait to see where they grow from here.

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